Flat Roofing

DB Industrial Roofing has laid many different flat roofs, from small single-story domestic extensions and garage roofs, to 1000 m² office/industrial buildings.

We use a variety of systems to achieve the finish our clients want for their building. They suit almost every building design, from major refurbishments and new build projects, to small residential extensions, and everything in between.

We use a range of materials to suit each building design or client requirement.

Liquid applied coatings

Liquid resins are strongest when used to waterproof roofs. Regardless of shape and the substrate material, main areas and details are waterproofed seamlessly and without joints. DB Industrial Roofing is a proud supplier and installer of Westwood liquid technology.


PVC membranes have many advantages including aesthetics, speed, detailing, lifespan and value for money. It is stable in high and low temperatures and a lifespan BBA tester exceeds 30 years. They offer greater colour choices and is hot air or solvent welded to create a homogenous joint, and is adhered or mechanically fixed.

Single-ply roofing systems are suitable for flat, pitched or barrelled roofs and can be laid vertically. We use single-ply solutions for new build and refurbishment projects.

Green roofs

DB Industrial Roofing is experienced in installing green roofs of many sizes and varieties. These are partially or completely covered with vegetation and growing medium, and planted over a waterproof membrane. The green roof may also contain additional layers such as drainage or irrigation systems.

Flat roof services include:

  • Liquid applied coatings
  • Single-ply membrane systems
  • Green roof systems
  • Repairs and maintenance

Flat Roofing

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DB Industrial Roofing is a supplier and installer of roofing and cladding products for industrial, commercial and domestic customers. We specialise in refurbishment works and new build projects, as well as providing ongoing maintenance for customers’ properties.

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